Vesper Jazz The Braith Sisters

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Vesper Jazz The Braith Sisters

This is the 3rd. CD outing for my daughters, Flame, Chime and Jasmin on the Excellence Records lable.  The first two releases are "Turn Of The Century" and "Boptronics".  This presentatin contains many rejoicing songs, a few standards and lots of "Boptronics" something I like to do.  "Boptronics" is a method of using modern recording techniques to produce instrumentation in real time.  Each of my daughters can be heard in individual presentations along with group singing.  Their individual presentations include:

          Flame - "No Force"

                      "When Sonny Gets Blue"

         Jasmin - "Song For My Mother"

                        "In A Sentimental Mood"

                        "Happy Birthday"

          Chime - "Halleluya"

                       "Amazing Grace"

All the music and lyrics are originals by Dad (me) George Braith.