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About This Album...

George Braith inhabits a unique harmonic world. He has been on this journey a long time dating back to releases on Blue Note, Prestige and now Excellence. To play the harmonies he hears in he head, he built the Braithophone and taught and trained his children who now make up the Braith Family Singers. He also sings himself.

Bobtronics is the culmination of Braith's work. Many of the songs on this album were orginally written for Flame, his oldest daughter, and her singing friends when she studied at Music & Art High School in New York City. Flame continued her singing career with a contract with Epic Records and on several national and international tours. Chime and Jasmin, George's two younger daughters, began by learning hundreds of childrens songs by the time they reached the age of two. At the age of eleven, they began to learn the complex harmonies in their father's songs. By the time the family moved to Tampa Florida, these young girls had their first public performance, written up in the Weekly Challenger, a Tampa newspaper. Later when the family moved to milwaukee, Chime and Jasmin performed with their father in such local jazz spots as the Main Event and the Jazz Oasis and at the prestigious Performing Art Center in an event thta honored their grandfather Scat Johnson and Al Jureau.



.The Braith Sisters

Flame, Chime, & Jasmin

Sharice Davis

RJ Jackson

Joe Jordan


George Braith

Braithophone, Saxophone

Charles Smith


Reggie Bordeaux

Dennis Davis