George Braith & Friends, Vol. 1

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About the album....

George Braith & Friends, Volume 1 contains music largely recorded in George Braith's Musart Studios, a club and gathering place for musicians in SOHO in the late 70's. Braith, composer of unique melodies and harnomics, saxophone player, and inventor and player of the Braithophone, a woodwind instrument that plays two sounds at one time, provided an artistic, multi media enviornment, health food and music that reflected the current development of jazz media.


George Braith - C Melody, Soprano, Alto, Tenor Sax, & Braithophone 

Albert Dailey, Gilly Coggins,  & Ronald Matthews - Piano

Buster Williams, Leo Mitchell, Morris Edwards & Tarik Shaw  Bass

Leo Mitchell, Buster Williams, Jimmy Wormworth & Mark Johnson - Drums

Sonny Rollins - Pads