Eagle Eye Blues

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In Octobetr of 2001 John Patton and George Braith played a gig at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas. They were joined by Martin Banks on Trumpet. This was John Patton's last gig. This album, featuring "America" and "Lift Every Voice And Sing", consists of some music from the last gig and some private recordings that he and John made with some augmentation of additional musicians. This project was the end of a long collaboration between George Braith and John Patton which began in a recording session for Blue Note in 1963. Since then Big John Patton played with almost every name horn player of that era.

Big John Patton - Organ 

 George Braith

Alto, Tenor Sax & Braithophone

Martin Banks


Eddie Diehl, Marvin Horn


Brennen Temple, Jonathan Alexander

Ben Dixon